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Small Business Owners

Big thinking for your small business

You got into business because of your passion. But running a business takes time, energy and care to be successful. We can bring the same drive to help you not only build and grow your business but also your own personal wealth.

Why RWA Wealth Partners?

We can help with business planning, workplace financial benefits, your own personal finances and, eventually, transitioning away from your business. We’re here to support you at every stage of your business and beyond.

As business owners ourselves, we know how much time, passion and careful planning go into running a small business. Let us be a part of your plan so we can support you and your business’s growth. Here’s how we can help:

Services for you

Services for your business

Our objective is to craft an employee experience that mirrors our client experience—one defined by respect, collaboration and a shared commitment to the loftiest human ideals.

Tim Clift

Chief Investment Officer

Working with you wherever you are in your small business journey

Regardless of what stage your small business is in, we are here to lend our skills, guidance and experience to help ensure that both you and your business are thriving.

New Business

Starting a small business is challenging, but with the right support you can make sure that you’re getting off the ground in the right way.


We can help you in the early stages of your small business with key guidance on workplace financial benefits from equity to retirement. At the same time, we can help you manage your own finances with comprehensive planning solutions.

Growing Your Business

It’s an incredibly rewarding experience to watch a business you own grow, but with growth come new challenges and opportunities.


We’ll also guide you as your business expands over time.


We’ll also help you with comprehensive wealth planning to make sure that your personal finances are thriving alongside your business.

Succession and Beyond

Many small business owners never quite feel ready to step away from the business, but we’re here to help ensure that when the day does come, you have everything in place to make your exit the right way.


We can help you navigate the many legal and financial complexities of leaving your business, including succession planning and managing a potential sale of the business (and the major liquidity event that comes with it).

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