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We stand apart from other wealth management firms with our integration of tax and legal services* along with institutional-quality investment and wealth management services. We believe that to truly build net worth, it’s crucial to see the connections between all the important facets of your financial life—investments, income, insurance, estate planning and more. At RWA Wealth Partners, you’ll experience a wealth management relationship that integrates all of these like never before.


As your wealth grows, so does the complexity of managing it. This demands a team of experienced professionals and specialists who are in lockstep with your goals and the future you seek. Your financial advisor at RWA Wealth Partners is your single point of contact, orchestrating your team to connect all aspects of your wealth and your vision. This is all done in-house without friction or fuss—so you can maximize every sweat-drenched dollar that you earned. While many firms gloss over such detail, for us, it’s part of our DNA.


You care for your family, your loved ones. It’s the whole reason for your wealth. We believe in showing you the same care and attention, anticipating your needs even before you realize them. We treat you with respect and bring a thoughtful, personal approach to every single interaction.

*Legal services can be obtained through a separate, written engagement agreement by way of our partnership with Hall & Diana LLC.

A team of specialists for your needs

Coordinated Guidance

in Cadence with Your Life.

Coordinated Guidance

Advanced Wealth

Equity Compensation
Insurance Management
Small Business Planning
Family Wealth Education

Estate, Trust and Legacy planning*

Trustee Services

Family Office Services

Trust Reporting

Bill Pay


Tax-Efficient Strategies

Tailored Portfolios
Active Strategies

Tax Planning and


Tax Filing
Tax Planning
Liquidity Event Planning

*Personalized tax advice and tax return preparation is available through a separate, written engagement agreement with our wholly owned subsidiary, RWA Tax Solutions, LLC. Legal services can be obtained through a separate, written engagement via our relationship with Hall & Diana LLC.

Distinguishing qualities

The qualities that differentiate

Your Experience as our Client.

we’re human first and always will be.

We believe wealth is human. Algorithms and artificial intelligence will never replace the human intellect and empathy necessary to understand your passions and what your wealth is really for. We care deeply about you and your needs.

We fit every facet of your wealth purposefully.

We are distinguished in many ways, especially by the integration of taxes and legal services*. And we connect them to your investments, income, cash flow and insurance to maximize your overall wealth and well-being.

what matters to you matters to us.

We know wealth isn’t just the numbers in your portfolio or your bank. It is a means for doing all the things you want and a deep desire to care for family, friends and community. Those are the very things that drive us too.

You benefit from evidence-based investment management.

Our recommendations are always based on academic rigor and institutional-quality research. We avoid fads and trends and instead focus on time-tested strategies that are proven to deliver long-term appreciation.

we invest our own money alongside  yours.

We wholeheartedly believe in what we recommend to our clients and invest our own money in the strategies we offer. We gain when you do.

there’s more to us when you need more.

As your wealth grows and needs evolve, so do our services. We can tailor a family office experience with bespoke services—including hyper-personalized investment management, philanthropy, advanced family wealth planning or even day-to-day financial management like bill pay.

Your interests above ours.

We’re a fee-only fiduciary. That simply means we’re legally bound to put your best interests above our own. We don’t even manufacture or sell our own products to avoid all conflicts of interest.

*Legal services can be obtained through a separate, written engagement agreement by way of our partnership with Hall & Diana LLC.

Mario Ramos

We strive to nurture relationships by delivering a superior experience at every turn. I invite you to call us if you value a better return on time with every interaction.

Mario Ramos




Assets under management as of Sept. 30, 2023


#43 of Barron’s Top 100 RIA Firms 2023

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Named one of America’s Top RIA Firms 2023

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Ranked one of Top Regional RIAs 2023

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*Combined AUM of legacy firms. Barron’s America’s Best Independent Advisors 2013-2020 awarded based on data compiled by Barron’s.

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