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Our integration of tax and legal services combined with institutional-quality investments and wealth management services distinguishes us in the industry.*

*Personalized tax advice and tax return preparation is available through a separate, written engagement agreement with our wholly owned subsidiary, RWA Tax Solutions, LLC.

Legal services can be obtained through a separate, written engagement via our relationship with Hall & Diana LLC.

Advanced Wealth Planning

As your wealth grows, so does complexity and the questions that come with it. How do you make the most of your equity compensation while avoiding concentration risks? What’s the right amount of insurance to carry so your wealth and well-being are preserved in any eventuality? How do you teach kids the responsibilities that come with wealth? How do you prepare your business for sale or transition? With us by your side, you’ll gain the knowledge you and your family need to prime your wealth for generations and transform simple wishes into possibilities.

Equity Compensation


Insurance Management


Small Business Planning


Family Wealth Education

Investment Management

Investments are an important building block of your wealth. At RWA Wealth Partners, you’ll have access to bespoke portfolios, active and passive strategies, alternatives, direct indexing and more, based on your needs and assets. Our investment approach rests on established diversification and asset allocation principles, designed to optimize risk-adjusted returns after accounting for fees and taxes. Every investment decision is underpinned by institutional-grade research, with a focus on preserving your principal and purchasing power.

Tax-Efficient Strategies

Tailored Portfolios


Active Strategies


Estate, Trust and Legacy Planning

A thoughtful and strategic view of estate planning can help you transfer your values and work ethic to future generations and liberate them to pursue their individual goals with confidence. We are a rare wealth management firm with an integrated partner law firm, Hall & Diana LLC*. The firm exists to exclusively serve the complex trust and estate planning needs of RWA Wealth clients. The firm brings extensive experience to highly accomplished individuals, multigenerational families, entrepreneurs, executives and public personalities with accumulated wealth to help manage and execute their estates in a fiduciary capacity.


*Legal services can be obtained through a separate, written engagement via our relationship with Hall & Diana LLC

Trustee Services


Family Office Services


Trust Reporting


Bill Pay


Charitable Giving

Tax Planning and Preparation

Good tax planning can enhance your wealth. Does a Roth conversion make sense? How do you structure the sale of your business to minimize tax consequences? How can you maximize a liquidity event or equity compensation to advance your charitable and philanthropic goals?

Our strategies are designed to minimize tax impacts now and in the future by integrating tax planning into your overall wealth strategy. And when tax time rolls around, our in-house tax team prepares and files your taxes. It’s simple and stress-free.

Tax Filing


Tax Planning


Liquidity Event Planning



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Individuals + Families

Our advisors have experience and access to time-tested strategies to establish a sustainable plan.


We bring discipline and strategic planning to help manage concentration risk with your equity.


We can introduce you to the right relationships to build, value and transition your business.

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Your financial plan gives us the specific directions we need to build a portfolio that best aligns with your goals. We handle all the investment details for you, from carefully selecting managers to repositioning portfolios when appropriate.

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Chief Investment Officer

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HSA Spells Tax-Free Investing

It might seem like the holy grail every investor is looking for: A way to shelter a portion of your income for spending later in life—without having to pay taxes on it. What’s the vehicle that can make this a reality?
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Wealth Management with
Legal Services.

We have partnered with Hall & Diana LLC, to help solve the complex trust, estate and planning needs of RWA Wealth clients—including drafting and settlement of complex estate plans.*

*Legal services can be obtained through a separate, written engagement agreement by way of our partnership with Hall & Diana LLC.



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#43 of Barron’s Top 100 RIA Firms 2023

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Named one of America’s Top RIA Firms 2023

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*Combined AUM of legacy firms. Barron’s America’s Best Independent Advisors 2013-2020 awarded based on data compiled by Barron’s.

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