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Why Convert From a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA?

Retirement Plan Notebook

It’s One of the Smartest Tax Moves You Can Make. The Roth IRA may be the best retirement savings vehicle available to the American investor today. Whether you are young or old, a white-collar worker or a business owner, this type of account is a fantastic investment choice. Special features like tax-free withdrawals and the lack…

Investing Globally

Crystal Globe

After the tech bubble burst and markets bottomed on October 9, 2002, the U.S. stock market recovered over the next five years with a 121% gain. While that may sound enviable, foreign stocks doubled the U.S. market over the same stretch, generating a 237% return. Back then, it was almost heresy to suggest that investing overseas…

Retirement Spending Solutions

Jar of Coins Spilling Out

We hear from many clients who feel apprehensive when they start spending their retirement savings. It can feel unnatural after you’ve been focused on saving for decades. Or… maybe you can’t wait to spend!   Either way, it’s critical that you make the transition from saving to spending using strategic retirement income withdrawal strategies, ultimately prolonging your…

Estate-Planning Checklist: Must-Haves

Notebook and Calendar

Drawing upon Adviser Investments’ decades of experience, our comprehensive estate and legacy planning checklist includes a glossary of key terms and identifies five critical estate planning must-haves. Once completed, your final wishes will be honored and your family will be unburdened, with appropriate time to grieve instead of picking up the pieces you left behind….